Fratelli Allievi

One of the eldest companies at the market of Italian furniture Fratelli Allievi, founded in 1913, is engaged in production of classical reproductive furniture. The long history of gaining experience, improving and searching of the best concepts and solutions provided prosperity of the company and success of its exclusive articles. The motto of the company is durability and products’ harmony with any interior. Working exceptionally with solid wood, handmade carving, delicate taste in choosing textile and also wide choice of finishes from classical toned hazel-wood to dyeing «crackle» successfully allow Fratelli Allievi to follow its motto strictly.

Fratelli Allievi. Dining-rooms, sitting-rooms

Fratelli Allievi. Dining-rooms, sitting-rooms

Bright, festive and comfortable living room of perfect quality and style. Flexible lines of manual carving, harmonious color of wooden surfaces and textile ensure comfort and relaxation after a busy day.